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CURF Success Stories


Cana Straub '18, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Cana Straub

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research. Being able to conduct research as an undergraduate has been a goal of mine since I decided to major in biochemistry, and receiving this award means I will be able to fulfill that goal. The experience I gained this summer will be invaluable to me in my growth as a student and a scientist."

Cana is completing a major in biochemistry and a minor in biology. She is involved in the UMM Concert Choir and serves as a section leader. Cana plans to work for a year or two after graduation before going to graduate school in biochemistry.

During the summer of 2017 Cana worked with Jennifer Goodnough, assistant professor of chemistry, on a project titled "Semi-empirical investigation of Hydrogen Bonding in Liquid Acetic Acid:" She has continued her CURF work as a directed study during the fall semester.


Jonathan Yasosky '13

Jonathan Y

Jonathan graduated with a major in chemistry (emphasis in biochemistry) and minors in German and physics. He also participated in the Honors Program. In addition to his studies, Jonathan was a member of the UMM Chemistry Club, German Club, Fencing Club, and the Ultimate Frisbee Club.

Jonathan went on to graduate from Purdue University with a PhD in chemistry in August 2017. While there, he joined Dr. Mary Wirth's lab group. His research focused on improving the separations of monoclonal antibodies and antibody-drug conjugates with liquid chromatography by developing polymeric bonded phases for chromatography columns. He also studied how frictional heating within chromatography columns influenced separations.

Jonathan is currently seeking a career in the chemistry field.


Professor of Chemistry Nancy Carpenter

Professor Nancy Carpenter

"CURF has been a great addition to the resources that the Chemistry Discipline provides for our students. We pride ourselves on carrying out high-quality research with undergraduates, and CURF has really strengthened our ability to do this. It is a tribute to our alumni that we are able to involve our future alumni every summer in the excitement of original discovery through research."

Professor Emeritus Jim Togeas

Professor Emeritus Jim Togeas

"It has been gratifying to observe how quickly CURF became a reality. Founded in December 2007, the principal grew rapidly enough that the first stipend was awarded for the summer of 2010 to Gwen Bitker. CURF will have funded 24 summer research students for periods typically of about nine weeks. We've remained competitive with other Research Experience for Undergraduates programs in chemistry despite the deep pockets of those associated with R1 graduate research universities. We are deeply grateful to our loyal and generous alumni who have made this possible."

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