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Giving Back in an Effort to Reach Out

Although the University of Minnesota, Morris may not have been an obvious college choice for Donnay Green ’05, he was eventually “sold on the benefits of a smaller school and its great academic programs.” The combination of these factors afforded Green the opportunity to stand out during his undergraduate career, and he filled numerous leadership roles in student groups like Black Student Union, Imani, and football. His gratitude for these experiences now inspires his yearly giving. 

One of the reasons Green admits Morris was not initially “on [his] radar” during the college search was its rural location. Admitting that living and learning in this kind of environment may not be for everyone, Green believes that Morris asks a certain amount of responsibility from those who attend it. Like many other supporters of the Morris mission, however, he also trusts that this responsibility ultimately enables students to become stronger, more successful individuals.

“Small schools cater to the unique experiences of their students and release them as prepared individuals. In times of economic hardship, it’s important for students to come out of college ready to hit the ground running in the job market, to be able to understand the intricacies of business relationships. Morris prepares its students to do that. I give back to be part of the continuation of that for current students.”

Much of Green’s college experience was spent working in the financial aid office and volunteering with various educational programs. The combination of these interests—education and finance—led him to his current profession. Now serving as assistant director of financial aid at Concordia University, Saint Paul, Green exercises his appreciation of small institutions on a daily basis. And while he is invested in his current
institution, he also remains involved with his alma mater.

As Second Vice President on the UMM Alumni Association Board of Directors, Green appreciates what the UMMAA is doing for both alumni and current students. He values the resources the Alumni Association is in a position to offer, and hopes that annual giving will not only keep them available, but also extend their impact.

“Not all alumni are familiar with all of the programs the Alumni Association offers. My hope is that they can understand how crucial those programs are.”

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