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Lyndee Warren Salo ’01, Adam Salo ’99, and son Alexander

Bequest gift to support the Gianulli Scholarship and establish the Lyndee Salo Memorial Scholarship

How would you describe your connection to the University of Minnesota, Morris?
We are alumni of the University of Minnesota, Morris. It was where we met, fell in love, and have such great memories of the school, friends, and our time there.

How does that connection inspire your giving?
As a young couple, our financial goals and plans were small, but after the birth of our son, we knew we needed to put a more in-depth plan into place. We both knew that we wanted to take care of our family, but also to leave a charitable legacy. Giving to the University of Minnesota, Morris made perfect sense establishing a future scholarship was a perfect chance to provide students with financial assistance to pursue their dreams and experience what Morris has to offer, while reducing their financial burdens.

Morris students are... unique, bright, future leaders that impact their world.

Giving to scholarships means... we can continue support to students, research, and the University, far into the future.

By funding student scholarships, we... not only impact the lives of future students, easing the burden on student loans on young graduates, but also offer opportunities for them to transform the world.

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