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Ted Storck ’54, West Central School of Agriculture Alumni Association Board President

Gifts to the Herb Croom Endowed Scholarship and a bequest gift to establish the Theodore S. Storck Scholarship in Memory of Anthony and Thelma Storck given the first time this year through an additional annual gift

How would you describe your connection to the University of Minnesota, Morris? 
I graduated from the West Central School of Agriculture [formerly housed] on the campus. Then I came back from the Twin Cities campuses to take some courses at UMM before I returned to graduate from the Twin Cities campus.

How does that connection inspire your giving?
Morris is my home, and anything that can help this town, I try to do.

Giving to scholarships means... Trying to help a young man or woman from west central Minnesota attend college when, otherwise, they maybe could not. I want more young farm ‘kids’ or small town ‘kids’ from this area to attend UMM.

By funding student scholarships, I impact... UMM and the area around Morris as well as this state and nation.

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