A Model for Beautiful, Smart Spaces

Each of us has a story to tell: where we came from, where we're going. Morris is no exception. Thanks to Sharon Stewart Reeves ’68, Morris's story will live on forever. That's because the future Sharon Stewart Reeves History and Heritage Center will carve out space for the acquisition, development, preservation, promotion, management, and administration of archives within Briggs Library. In short, it will help the campus community care for and pass on its story. "UMM was a great place to go to school, and I want to make sure that its history is not lost," says Reeves. "I hope the History Center will bring together the history and heritage of the three schools that have lived on the campus and make it available for students, faculty, and others."

West Central School of Agriculture alumni are a loyal bunch: loyal to one another and to the place they once called home. That loyalty to the Morris campus—and gratitude for the foundation it gave their careers an personal lives—inspires Aggies Michael ’62 and Diane Jerpseth Madsen ’62 to support the institution today. The Madsens use a charitable IRA rollover to "keep the campus as beautiful as it was when [they] were there." It's important, they say, for Aggies to carry on the values of the WCSA so that Morris students can enjoy the same opportunities they once had. "We want to have our footprints preserved," the Madsens say. "We want college students to be given the opportunity for a great education that will get them started in life."