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A model for rural resilience

EcoCenter at the EcoStation

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An economic engine and a center for sustainable innovation, UMM is finding local solutions to global challenges. Thanks to the vision of generous donors, we have space to create a new environment where students play a pivotal role in solving the problems facing our world. Built on land given to UMM, the evolving EcoStation is an environmental resource for the campus community and a research platform for the benefit of all.

As a model for sustainability, we are in a position to leverage UMM's EcoStation, turning a virtually untouched tract of land into a fully operational, fully staffed, signature platform for the University of Minnesota in its quest to tackle today's grand challenges. With support for outreach, employment, and research initiatives tied to our EcoStation living laboratory, we can optimize local resources to make greater Minnesota a more sustainable, resilient place.

Your gift will:

Create student research and employment opportunities
Establish the state-of-the-art EcoCenter for conducting environmental education, research, and preservation
Foster outreach and collaboration with other University and regional partners