Models for Living and Learning

Jesse Eklund '17, Morris

UMM Alumni Association Scholarship

Having wrapped up his college career, Eklund has his eye on a master's in applied economics. As an undergrad he was able to take full advantage of the college experience, worry-free, thanks to the power of philanthropy.

"This scholarship made it possible for me to go through my experience at UMM without worrying about financial problems. I was able to focus on classes and research and all the things college students should be focused on."

Rachel Johnson

assistant professor of biology

Johnson is pioneering path-breaking immunotherapy treatments for cancer with help from her student research partners.

"My students will go on to be the doctors and scientists who will, I firmly believe, develop and implement the therapies that will allow for us to cure each patient of their cancer."

Kali Dale '14

PhD candidate in oncological sciences at the University of Utah

Dale was one of the first students to live in UMN Morris's Green Prairie Community, where she took part in an innovative living and learning environment.

"Because of this experience I know more about sustainability and can share what I know wherever I go."

Jasmine Paron '16

Teacher naturalist, Audubon Center of the North Woods

At UMN Morris Paron partnered with area teachers to develop curriculum promoting environmental stewardship, an experience that opened up career opportunities.

"As I was working with communities, I realized it was something I wanted to do with my life and for my career. I could do service-learning projects: create change, give back, and be a positive influence in my community."