President's Club

President's Club members

The University of Minnesota President's Club recognizes the University's most generous donors. Members are recognized for their University-wide cumulative giving at the giving levels shown. This roster features the names of individuals and organizations who have who have made significant gifts to the University of Minnesota Morris. *Deceased members

1851 Society

The 1851 Society recognizes donors who have given lifetime gifts or pledges of $25 million+.

John Sargent Pillsbury Society

The John Sargent Pillsbury Society recognizes donors who have given lifetime gifts or pledges of $10 million+.

Builders Society

The Builders Society recognizes donors who have given lifetime gifts or pledges of $1 million+.

Minnesota Corn Growers Association 
Edward J. Morrison in Memoriam and Helen Jane Morrison* 
Erik and Rima Torgerson 
Frank W. Veden Charitable Trust 
Larry A. and Diane M. Zavadil

Morrill Society

The Morrill Society recognizes donors who have given lifetime gifts or pledges of $100,00.

Dr. Denise A. Anderson 
Dr. Laird Barber and Dr. Dorothy Barber in Memoriam 
William and Marsha Beyer 
Dr. Elizabeth S. Blake 
Romilly J. Cassida ’66* 
John ’68 and Arlene* Johnson Dayton ’68 
Jim and Anne Eidsvold 
George Erickson ’53 WCSA* 
John ’64* and Marilyn Erickson Gilbert ’67 
Van D. and Susan Gooch 
Dr. Liselotte Gumpel* 
James R. Hagen* 
Drs. Puncky and Mary Heppner 
H.M. and C.M. Iverson Charitable Trust 
David C. Johnson and Jean Johnson in memoriam 
Marcella Moon Jost ’72 
Ronald Jost ’69 
Ernest* and Cathryn Kemble ’82 
Ronald V. and Cheryl D. Lachelt 
Edward* and Patricia* Paul LaFave 
Robert K. Leaverton 
Gary L. McGrath ’68 
Leonard E. Munstermann Ph.D. and Heidi Wang Ph.D 
Jim Odden and Ann Carrott 
Betty Bridgford Orvis* and Robert E. Orvis, Sr.* 
Otter Tail Power Company of Morris 
Douglas* ’54 WCSA and Marion M. Payne 
Delmar "Bud" Rentz ’93* and Colleen Manney Rentz 
Riley Bros. Companies, Inc. 
Kirk E. Rovang 
Neil ’63 WCSA and Linda Schmidgall
Phil and Susie Schultz 
Bonita Stahler ’72* and the Honorable Thomas J. Stahler in memoriam 
Mark C. Sticha ’75 
James B. and Barbara Gunderson Stowe 
Harold Lee & Vernita Ruth McEachern Family Foundation, Inc. 
Superior Industries of Morris 
Richard and Catherine Tate 
James B. Togeas 
Peter John Torvik 
Donald H. Vogt ’69 and Carol Conner Vogt ’70 
Carrie Wickstrom ’29 WCSA* 
E. Dennis ’69 and Susan Guter Zahrbock ’71 
Simon N. and Karen M. Zeller


Charter members joined the President's Club prior to January 1, 2018, with gift levels between $10,000 and $99,999.

Robinson* and Rose Marie Abbott 
Bert* and Janet* Ahern 
Richard F.* and Ida* Alama 
Maggie (Gleason) and Mike Albers 
Dr. Denise A. Anderson 
Lonnie and Patricia Anderson 
Warrenn C. ’73 and Jeri Anderson 
Benjamin Arthur ’83 
Richard Atkinson ’82 and Nancy Kjar Atkinson ’82 
Wayne A. Barstad and Dr. Anne R. Kapuscinski 
Christine Beck 
Colleen Stahler Behm 
Les* ’59 WCSA and Bette Bensch 
Susan D. and Robert L. Benson 
Beta Sigma Psi/Chi Phi Fraternity Alumni Association 
Judy Wartman Schmidt Blair ’73 and Michael Blair* 
Bremer Bank of Morris 
Helen R.* and Rodney A.* Briggs 
Patricia Stahler Buckle ’67 
Edward H. Buntje, Jr. 
Rita H. Buntje 
Patrick and Carol Burke 
Nancy E. Carpenter 
Stephanie R. Carr and David Valdovinos 
Leona E. Classen* 
Michael and Julia Costello 
Bridget R. Crabtree and Dr. Eric C. Crabtree in Memoriam 
Vincent* and Joyce* Dalager 
Adrian and Monique Daley 
Keith and Evelyn* Davison 
Randolph K. Davison 
Orval Truman Driggs, Jr.* 
Jeanne Baker Driscoll ’69 
John P. Driscoll ’71* 
Susan Stahler Dupay ’75 
Nancy Ehle Estate 
Dr. Kathleen Gjerdingen Ehrhardt 
Lyman* and Julie* Eidsvold 
Karen and Steve Ellis 
David and Jerilyn Erickson 
William Henry Ernst* 
Dr. Dale J. Ernster 
C. Frederick Farrell, Jr. 
Bart D. and Sally J. A. Finzel 
Russel M.* and Margaret M.* Fischer 
Michael Fluegel ’69* and Martha Schuelke Fluegel ’71 
The Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa 
George and Patricia* Fosgate 
Conrad Freeman* and Linda Felton Dahl Freeman ’86 
Carol LaFave Gabler 
Wilbur E. Gahm* 
Robert P. ’65 and Nancy L. Gandrud 
Patrick J. ’70 and Barbara Gannon 
James C. and Joyce R. Gay 
Emilie Gieske 
Patrice Christensen Gillie ’84 
Theodora Economou and Charles Glasrud 
Stephen G.* and Arden H. Granger 
Leona M. Groth Estate 
Roland Guyotte and Barbara Posadas 
Darrel and Karen Hamann 
Dorothy Hanlon Estate 
Anthony R. Hansen ’75 
Dr. Robert C. Hansen 
Michele Hanson 
Paul Hanson ’80 
Richard A. Hargrave 
Beverly J. and Thomas N. Harren 
Jeffrey and Susan* Hauger 
Jason Haugland ’87 and Catherine Good Haugland ’96 
Cynthia Cleveland Hauri ’82 
Florence Hedberg* 
Vivian Helbling Heltemes ’77 
Arnold E.* and Irene Henjum ’74 
Carla Heyl ’84 
Chaplain Lyle Hoxtell 
Paul J. Huber 
Warren* and Delores Huebner 
Claire LaFave Hutton* 
John Q.* Imholte and Lucy Gibbs Imholte ’70 
Lucille Imholte* 
Irling J. and Elizabeth C. Itzen 
Dr. Susan E. Jackson 
John Jackson ’76 and Patricia Rentz Jackson 
Carl Johnson* and Arlene Edwards Johnson* 
Chancellor Jacqueline R. Johnson 
Kenneth and Ardyce Johnson 
Rosalie E. Johnson* ’81 and Andrew B. Jordahl ’81 
Marialis Itzen Jurges 
Sun* and Patricia Kahng 
Dorothybelle M. Kaufman* 
Edward Kaufman* 
S. Kay Keskinen 
Darrell and Marilyn* Kirwin 
Craig and Natalia Kissock 
Kleespie Tank and Petroleum Company 
Eric* and Karla Klinger 
Karla and Jeremiah Konz 
Randy and Deb Koopman 
Drs. Gary and Marcia Krasicky 
Judith Kuechle and Marcus Olson 
Dr. James W. and Gail O. LaFave 
E. Joseph LaFave III 
Julie LaFave 
Paul LaFave 
Helena Huesgen LaFave* 
Michael E. and Rhonda Lair 
Kristin K. and Jeffery J. Lamberty 
The Raymond J. Lammers Family 
Curtis Lee Larson & Sandra Guter Larson 
LeRoy S. Larson 
Patrick R. Larson 
Hilfred and Estelle Lee Estate 
Jooinn and Claire Lee 
Douglas A. ’74 and Beth Ann Lennick 
Connie Lewis ’74 and Kenneth Peterson 
James J. Lewis ’70 
Leslie K. Lindor ’37 WCSA* and Virginia Wempner Lindor* 
Andy and Dian Lopez 
Thomas Mahoney ’70 and Madeline Maxeiner ’76 
Jose L. Marquez and Gina M. Brunko-Marquez 
James* and Kathleen Martin ’86 
Paul and Gina Martin 
Wilmer M.* and Rachel V.* Martin 
Dr. S.R. Maxeiner, Jr. and Patricia Maxeiner* 
Carol McCannon ’80 and Roger McCannon 
Cathy LaFave McConnell 
Mary and Bob McDonald 
Barbara C. McGinnis 
Thomas B. McRoberts ’68* 
MDM Rubicon Inc. 
Michael W. and Barbara J. Menzhuber 
Carol Pederson Meyer ’60* WCSA 
Bruce ’68* and Darlene Moen ’68 
Richard H. and Kathryn L. Moen 
Elizabeth Martin Morrison ’74 and James Morrison 
Donald and Joann* Munsterman 
Jennifred G. Nellis 
Lowell and Patricia Nelson 
R. Viola* and Elmer* Nelson 
Ralph E. Nelson ’64 
Gregg R.* and Judith L. Nielson 
Paula L. O'Loughlin 
James and Nancy Olson 
Sandra Olson-Loy and Douglas Loy 
Dean Thomas Parisian ’76 
Dr. Jason S. Patzlaff 
Honorable Carol M. and Dr. Peter E. Person 
Harlo G. Peterson ’65 
Robert A. and Diane S. Peterson 
Arland and Deborah Polzin 
Dwight and Jeanne Purdy 
Sharon Stewart Reeves 
Daniel and Nancy Rentz 
James and Laura Rentz ’86 
John A. ’88 and Kathy Rentz ’88 
Paul and Joyce Rentz ’75 
Stephen Rentz ’70 and Wanda Kopel Rentz ’72 
Thomas and Carol Rentz 
Julee Kay Richards ’82 
Bill* and Phyllis Rickmeyer ’82 
Dr. Clara Riveland ’65* 
Glen* and Oree Robinson 
Dr. Michael C. Rodriguez 
Dorothy M. Rosemeier 
Dr. Raymond A.* and Cecilia* Rossberg 
Mary M. Jones Rumsey ’88 
Floyd and Vila* Schmidgall 
Richard* and Corrine* Schmidgall 
David J. Schmit ’51 WCSA 
Nancy G. and Samuel* Schuman 
Marlowe "Red" Severson* and Orlou Severson* 
Shirley Stewart Skoog* 
Richard and Carol Slieter ’70 
Merrilee Stahler ’74 
Myrna Anne Itzen Stahman and Robert W. Stahman 
James B. and Barbara Gunderson Stowe 
Frances and Owen Tate Descendants 
Michael ’71 and Jo Ellen Glewwe Tate ’73 
Mabel* and Robert* Thedin 
Clinton ’67 and Gina Trousil ’69 
Ted* and Anne Uehling 
Judith Roberts Underwood ’71* and Ted Underwood* 
James and Sharon Van Alstine 
Douglas L. Wartner 
Harold N. Weickert* 
Brian R. Williams 
David E. Williams and Sandra Bissell Williams 
Martha H. Williams* 
Dr. Jim Wilson 
Linda Wilson 
Dr. Jim Winter 
William ’76 and Denise Wittman 
Marty J. and Linda (Wallisch) Wolf 
William Wunsch* 
John L. Zenk, M.D.* 

Heritage Society

Heritage Society members are donors who make planned gifts.

Jerome A. Anderson ’66 
Warrenn C. ’73 and Jeri Anderson 
Mercedes and William* Ballou 
Dr. Laird Barber and Dr. Dorothy Barber in memoriam 
James C. and Nancy W. Barbour 
Nicole R. Barnes 
Wayne A. Barstad and Dr. Anne R. Kapuscinski 
Lorlee Bartos ’69 
Chancellor Michelle Behr 
Les* ’59 WCSA and Bette Bensch 
Doris L. Benson* 
Colin & Ronda Berg 
Mark Bergherr 
Lee Biersdorf 
Judy Wartman Schmidt Blair ’73 and Michael Blair* 
Dr. Elizabeth S. Blake 
Sheryl D. Breen 
Carrie Buck and Charles Semrow 
Edward H. Buntje, Jr. ’70 and Rita H. Buntje ’72 
Edward ’75 and Linda Caillier 
Debra L. Carlson 
Nancy E. Carpenter 
Matt and Erin Christensen 
Jeannine A. Churchill 
Julia K. Dabbs 
Linda K. Dahlen 
Orval T. Driggs, Jr.* 
Dr. Kathleen Gjerdingen Ehrhardt 
Terence D. Evavold 
Daniel D. Flies 
Connie J. Ford and Robert P. Power 
George C. Fosgate and Patricia J. Fosgate, in memoriam 
Robert P. '65 and Nancy L. Gandrud 
Eleanor Gay* 
James C. and Joyce R. Gay 
John ’64* and Marilyn Erickson Gilbert ’67 
Jeffrey J. Gillies 
Dennis A. Gimmestad
Van D. and Susan Gooch 
Dr. Liselotte Gumpel* 
James R. Hagen* 
Dr. Robert C. Hansen 
Richard A. Hargrave 
Puncky Paul ’73 & Mary Soehren ’76 Heppner 
Walter "Slim" Hokanson ’30 WCSA* 
Thomas ’67 and Elizabeth Holthaus 
James and Mei-Ying Hoppie 
Lethe R. Hoxtell 
Lyle Hoxtell 
John Q.* and Lucy Gibbs Imholte ’70 
Frederik R. & Dawn E. Jensen 
Steven M. Jerve 
Jacqueline R. Johnson 
Sharl "Kay" Keskinen ’71 
William R. King 
Mary Klauda 
Eric* and Karla Klinger 
Sharon L. Kolle 
Kenneth ’65 and Kathleen Kollodge ’67 
James Kosse ’87 
Tim Kroeger 
Michael and Rhonda Lair 
Kristin K. and Jeffery J. Lamberty 
Patrick Larson 
James J. Lewis ’70 
Richard Linden ’78 
Leslie K. Lindor* 
Greg Loek and Kathy Rice 
Tom Mahoney and Madeline Maxeiner 
Kent W. Malcomson ’78 and Nanette Bonhiver Malcomson ’78 
Nicholas J. Marcucci and Ann Schroder 
James* and Kathleen Martin 
Mary K. Martin ’75 and Dean W. Kalmoe ’75* 
S. R. Maxeiner, Jr. in memory of Patricia M. Maxeiner 
Dillon J. McBrady ’13 
Gary McGrath ’68 
Thomas B. McRoberts ’68* 
Michael and Barbara Menzhuber 
Kathy and Richard Moen 
Daniel J. Moore 
Helen Jane Morrison* and Edward J. Morrison in Memoriam 
Dik Munson and Jane Altberg 
Jennifred G. Nellis 
Dr. Peh H. Ng and Denise L. Dworakoski
Paula L. O'Loughlin 
Dean Thomas Parisian ’76 
Douglas* R. & Marion M. Payne 
Julie Bergh Penk ’80 and Dean Penk ’79 
Carol M. and Peter E. Person 
Arland and Deborah Polzin 
Peter and Jenna Reiser Ray 
Sharon Stewart Reeves 
Carla J. Riley 
William M. Robb* 
Frank and Tamara Robertson 
Glen* and Oree Robinson 
Lyndee and Adam Salo 
Richard L. Sandberg 
Michael ’72 and Susan Spanier Scarborough ’76 
Susan Schmidgall 
Phillip A. Schultz and Virginia (Susie) Schultz 
Nancy G. and Samuel* Schuman 
Anthony L. Schuster 
Loretta Seppanen 
Marte J. Sheeran 
Angela Mahlberg Skrowaczewski and Nicholas Skrowaczewski 
Deborah Sodt 
Theodore S. Storck 
James B. and Barbara Gunderson Stowe 
Jeffrey L. & Lisa J. Tate 
Michael ’71 and Jo Ellen Glewwe Tate ’73 
Richard ’67 and Catherine R. Tate 
James B. Togeas 
Larry Traversie 
John Tvedt 
Susan Von Mosch 
Stephen F and E Caroline Vopatek 
Carrie Wickstrom ’29 WCSA* 
Brian R. Williams 
David E. and Sandra B. Williams 
Linda Wilson 
Jim D. Winter ’68 
Susan (Schaeve) Wolf* 
Adam Yust 
E. Dennis '69 and Susan Guter Zahrbock ’71