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Nokoomis Nibii Equay

  • Honoring Sculpture Nookomis Nibii Equay

Thanks to the vision of generous donors, the University of Minnesota Morris has the opportunity to honor the past, present, and future of Native peoples on these lands.

Nokoomis Nibii Equay (Grandmother Water Woman), a new sculpture by Duane "Dewey" Goodwin and commissioned by Puncky '73 and Mary Soehren Heppner '76, will become a defining element of the Morris campus, adding to its sense of place and celebrating the "strength, resilience, compassion, and heart of the indigenous peoples" here.

The sculpture will reflect the transformative power of education in preparing the next generation for their life journeys. And it will foster a sense of belonging that will ground students and contribute to their success.

Sculpture News

She has a name! 

Artist Dewey Goodwin shared the name of the sculpture at the dedication ceremony on Saturday, September 22: Nokoomis Nibii Equay (translated in English as "Grandmother Water Woman"). 

Watch it unfold

University of Minnesota Morris Goodwin Sculpture Time-Lapse

Watch the sculpture emerge, from beginning to end

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